Eren Gunseli

Eren Gunseli

General Area of Research

Selective attention and memory using eye tracking, EEG and fMRI

Current Research

We are limited in our information processing capacity. Yet, we can successfully navigate our surroundings and establish complicated tasks. This is thanks to the effective interplay between selective attention and memory. My research focuses on investigating how selective attention and memory interact to guide our behavior.

Selected Publications

Gunseli, E., Olivers, C. N. L., & Meeter, M. (2016). Task-Irrelevant Memories Rapidly Gain Attentional Control with Learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. PDF.

Gunseli, E., van Moorselaar, D., Meeter, M., & Olivers, C. N. L. (2015). The reliability of retro-cues determines the fate of non-cued visual working memory representations. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 22(5), 1334-1341. PDF.

Gunseli, E., Meeter, M., & Olivers, C. N. L. (2014). Is a search template an ordinary working memory? Comparing electrophysiological markers of working memory maintenance for visual search and recognition. Neuropsychologia,60, 29-38. PDF

Gunseli, E., Olivers, C. N. L., & Meeter, M. (2014). Effects of search difficulty on the selection, maintenance, and learning of attentional templates. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 26, 2042-2054. PDF.


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