James Curley

James Curley

Research Interests

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 2003

General Area of Research

Behavioral Neuroscience & Development

Current Research

I have very broad interests in behavioral development. I have conducted and published research at molecular, systems, organismal and evolutionary levels of analysis in both animals and humans. Details of some of this work will be found on the research page in due course.

The focus of my lab at Columbia is on the development of social behavior. Briefly, I am interested in how both inherited genetic variability and social experiences during development can shift individual differences in various aspects of social behavior and what the neuroendocrinological basis of these differences may be. I am also interested in the reliability and validity of social behavioral tests conducted in the laboratory and whether it is possible to utilize alternative statistical and methodological approaches to more appropriately assess social behavior. I also believe that it is critical to understand how the 'social brains' of humans and other animals have been differentially shaped by evolution and to acknowledge how this should better inform translational research.

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

Is there a genomically imprinted social brain?

Social influences on neurobiology and behavior: epigenetic effects during development.

Curley JP
Jensen CL
Mashoodh R
Champagne FA

Social enrichment during postnatal development induces transgenerational effects on emotional and reproductive behavior in mice

James P. Curley
Stephanie Davidson
Patrick Bateson
Frances A. Champagne