Ljubica Chatman

Ljubica Chatman

General Area of Research

Agency, Memory, Transactive Memory, Epistemic evaluation, Shared Reality

Current Research

I study the aspects of the social context that impact the strength and quality of our memory and belief across several contexts. In the context of an individual’s control over a situation, I study the effects of the sense of agency on memory and belief, as well as its role in amplifying the emotional impact of outcomes.

In the context of interacting with other people, I study how memories and beliefs are shaped through conversations, when interlocutors achieve shared reality. Specifically, I study the interpersonal factors (ex. perceived warmth and competence) that bring about this experience of sharing inner states with others.

Last but not least, as learning and interacting with people increasingly shifts into an online context, my research addresses pressing questions for the digital era: how do our cognitive processes change in a digital environment where people have instant access to copious amounts of information? How does this impact learning outcomes?

Courses Taught