Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman

Research Interests

Ph.D., Tufts University, 2012

General Area of Research

Person perception, social vision, face impressions, social categorization, emotion, stereotyping, social decision-making

Current Research

The Social Cognitive & Neural Sciences Lab investigates how we perceive other people, such as how we categorize others into social groups, infer their emotion or personality via facial cues, and more generally how we understand and react to our social world. In particular, the lab examines the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying person perception, stereotyping and less conscious forms of bias, and decision-making in social contexts, including the interplay of social, emotional, and visual processes in a variety of perceptual and interpersonal judgments. Current topics of interest include interactions between social cognition and visual perception; mechanisms underlying multiple forms of person perception and social vision; and the basis of face impressions, social categorization, and emotion perception. In all our work, we take a multi-level approach that makes use of several techniques, including functional neuroimaging, computational modeling, and behavioral paradigms, and we integrate insights across social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, affective science, and vision science. Please see the lab website for more information.