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This website has been developed for Columbia faculty and other instructional staff who are teaching undergraduate students. The information that you will find here is written generally with Columbia College students in mind, but you may find it useful in your work with students from any of the undergraduate schools at Columbia. 

If you have concerns about a student, use the following resources shown in the PDF file here

Reserving time in the Instructional Labs (200B or 200C)

Our instructional labs in 200B and 200C are set up to be multipurpose rooms. They are each equipped with 10 iMac computers for users, as well as an iMac connected to a projector that takes several other types of inputs as well for the benefit of the instructor.

Besides being classrooms, they may be used to host seminars, group meetings, TA office hours, study sessions, and other departmental, class, or research related purposes.

*To book either 200B/C please email Jon Werst and let him know room, date, and timeframe. 

Reserving Conference Room 405 Schermerhorn

Please email both Jon Werst and Joanna Borchert-Kopczuk together to reserve this space. Please provide the date and timeframe you would like to use the room, so they can check the availability. 

Courseworks is a course management system with numerous functionalities that allow you to post grades, lecture slides, and assignments for the students enrolled in your class. Courseworks software has been transitioned from Sakai to Canvas. For information on how to use Canvas, please refer to the Canvas training guide on the CTL website. You can also to reach out to Caroline Marvin with questions about how to navigate Canvas. 

Below are some quick guides that may be useful as you're getting started in Canvas: 

For additional assistance with CourseWorks:

Stay Connected: 

What’s new this semester: 

  • New CourseWorks Gradebook: In response to feature requests submitted by users, Canvas has developed a new gradebook with many useful features. We are preparing to launch the updated gradebook for the Spring 2020 semester however it is available to activate in all course sites right now. More information is available here. New features include:
    • Manually override the calculated final grade
    • Manually release entered grades to students
    • Manually label and sort submission status by late, missing, or excused
    • Set custom colors for specific submission and grading statuses, including: late, missing, resubmitted, dropped (via assignment group rules), and excused
    • Automatically apply grading rules to late and missing submissions

Posting Textbooks

You are required to post textbook information prior to the first registration period for students. To post this information on Courseworks, please follow these instructions: Adding a textbook

Briefly, you should do the following: 
1. Log onto Courseworks, and in the lefthand menu select "Next Semester."
2. Select your course from the list.
3. In the lefthand menu of your course's page, click on "Textbook."

If your course is using the same textbook as a previous semester:
Click the button "Import Textbooks" at the top of the page. You will get a list of your other courses that have had textbook information entered in the past; check the appropriate box and click the "Import" button. Your book info should now show up on the Textbooks page.

If your course is using a new textbook:
Click the "add textbooks" button, and then enter the book's ISBN in the box (without any dashes). Click "Get Book Info," and the system will bring up a list of matches. Find the correct listing, and click the "Add as Required" or "Add as Recommended" buttons, as appropriate. If that search doesn't bring up the correct book, click the "No ISBN" link to the right to search by title and author.

If you have not yet decided on the textbook(s) you will be using:
Click "edit" in the Comments section and provide as much information as you can regarding the likely cost of the text(s) you will be using.

If your course does not require purchase of any textbooks:
Click the checkbox that follows the "* No Textbooks..." statement, and hit "Save." 

If you do not yet have access to CourseWorks:
Please send your fall textbook information to Kathe (keb2208), and she will enter it for you.

Ordering Textbooks

The Faculty Enlight platform was recently discontinued company-wide and is no longer available to use as a research tool or to place orders for courses. The replacement platform is named AIP (Adoption & Insights Portal). It includes the features of Faculty Enlight and more, but it has not yet been implemented on campus.

Ways to place textbook orders: 

  • Course Works -  If the order is entered through Course Works, there is no further action required.  
  • Email - The Books department can be reached directly at [email protected]. In the email you can request textbooks used in a prior year/term or can provide the relevant class/book information.
  • Phone/In-Person - Call or place orders in person at the bookstore. 

If you ever need to know information about a prior term/course, they have 6 years of data to provide information on prior terms/courses.

You'll also likely want desk copies for at least some of your TAs. The process for ordering them may differ depending on the publisher of your book, but generally if you search for your book's ISBN on its publisher's website, you'll find a link for "instructor information," or contact information for your local representative. If you reach out to that representative and give them the information on your course and the department's address, they should send you your desk copies with plenty of time to distribute them to your TAs before the semester starts.

If you’re using a textbook, you can also order student copies of the textbook from Book Culture

Please also make sure to place copies of the textbook on course reserves in the library for students who are unable to purchase the book.

You can find the projected exam schedule here

Please see the Academic Calendar on the Registrar's webpage for exam days, registration periods, holidays, and more.

Please be sure to put a copy of your textbook on Course Reserves, so that students who are unable to purchase the book can still have access to all of the readings.