TA Assignments 2023-2024

These assignments are preliminary until confirmed.

Fall 2023

Spring 2024


Some of the above assignments may change.

  • ?denote assignments that are questionable, e.g. due to enrollment uncertainty
  • * denotes a first-year graduate student
  • † denotes a special TAship for a 2nd - 5th year grad student
  • Italics denotes the TA has yet to confirm the appointment


All TAs and TFs are expected to be available during the full duration of the semester to which they are assigned, either Sept. 5 - Dec. 22, 2023 or Jan. 16 - May 10, 2024, as well as through the awarding and submission of final grades. Please be sure that vacation or travel plans do not overlap with these dates, or with final exam and course grading periods. See the Registrar's website for the full Academic Calendar, including University holidays.

All TAs and TFs are expected to attend a TA Orientation at the beginning of the semester they'll be teaching. Details about these orientations will be posted here when available.

Responsibilities and privileges of TAs are outlined on the TA Resources Page. Please familiarize yourself with these well before the start of your TAship and discuss them with your course instructor. Learn how to operate the electronic classroom before your first class meeting. Graduate Teaching Fellows should also read the Graduate Student Teaching Guidelines.