Student Information


New Postbac students can register for classes via SSOL.  Spots in some introductory level courses are reserved for incoming postbacs.   Be sure to contact the program director when you are ready to register to insure that you are able to get a spot in the classes you need.  For questions about registration holds, contact the School of Professional Studies

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is not accepted in the postbac program, however if you have already completed required coursework (e.g., Intro Psych, Statistics) at another institution, you can be granted advance standing.  This means that you do not have to repeat these courses.  You may choose additional elective courses to complete the 28 credits for the certificate.


Many of you are moving to the Columbia University area and will be in need of housing. Unfortunately, Postbac students do not qualify for On-Campus Housing or University Apartment Housing. You will have access to the Off-Campus Housing Registry. Good apartments are also often acquired through 'word-of-mouth' or through postings around campus (Broadway @ 116th also seems to have a lot of signs).


All Postbac students are assigned an identification code called a “uni” (consisting of the student’s initials and a random number). You will need your uni and/or the associated Columbia e-mail address to access certain electronic applications at Columbia like online library services and courseworks (the Columbia course management system)..