Current Students

Welcome!  You are joining a group of talented and motivated students who share your desire to pursue psychology at a high level.  

Postbac Socials hosted by the Psychology Department are a great way for you to get to know your fellow students.  There are about 30-40 students in the program with a diverse range of interests, backgrounds and ages. Students with some experience in the program can act as student mentors to those just beginning - giving advice about which are the best courses and other tidbits of wisdom. Getting to know the other Postbac students in your courses can also be great for forming study groups.  Each semester we organize at least two get-togethers for the Postbac Psychology students.  These social events are usually scheduled at the start of the term and again prior to early registration, good times to talk with fellow students about courses and to seek out advice.

These get-togethers can also be an opportunity for a Q&A session with alumni, clinicians, or faculty concerning careers in Psychology. If you have suggestions about people to invite, please contact the departmental advisor.