March 27, 2020

Update on Spring 2020 Colloquias and Monday Seminars

Due to COVID-19 and recent University guidelines, here are the statuses for Department spring events:

  • All remaining Monday Seminars are cancelled


  • Colloquiums will take place via Zoom on April 8th and April 22nd at 4pm. Links to talk can be found on events page and email flyer
February 07, 2020

Christopher Medina-Kirchner Profiled in Article on The Verge

Grad Student Christopher Medina-Kirchner was recently profiled in an article on The Verge titled "Ecstasy and Absolution". The article details his life growing up and his journey researching MDMA as a Ph.D. student in Dr. Carl Hart's Neuropsychopharmacology Lab. A link to read the full article can be found below:

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