Special Elective

For students entering Columbia in Fall 2020 or later, one course must be taken to fulfill the integrative/applied Special Elective.

The Special Elective encompasses a wide range of courses: those that cut across and connect different sub-disciplines within psychology; those that integrate psychology with other disciplines; those that apply psychology to real-world problems; those that dig deeper into advanced statistics and methods topics; and those that offer hands-on experience with psychology research.

The following courses are pre-approved to count toward the Special Elective requirement. If you would like to count a course that does not appear on this list, please contact your Program Advisor  prior to enrolling. 

    Psychology Department Special Electives

    Barnard Psychology Special Electives

    Anthropology Special Electives

    Chemistry Special Electives 

    Comparative Literature and Society

    Economics Special Electives

    Center for Study of Ethnicity and Race (CESR) Special Electives

    Philosophy Special Electives

    Political Science Special Electives

    Center for Science and Society Special Electives

    Statistics Special Electives