Attentional fluctuations and the temporal organization of memory

Jayakumar M
Aly M
Balusu C

Effects of familiar music exposure on deliberate retrieval of remote episodic and semantic memories in healthy aging adults

Bloom PA
Bartlett E
Kathios N,
Algharazi S
Siegelman M
Shen F
Beresford L
DiMaggio-Potter M
Singh A
Bennett S
Natarajan N
Lee H
Sajid S
Joyce E
Fischman R
Hutchinson SJ
Pan S
Tottenham N
Aly M


Long-term memory and working memory compete and cooperate to guide attention

Hirchstein Z
Aly M


The essence of an immigrant identity: Children's pro-social responses to others based on perceived ability and desire to change.

James Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz
Redeate Wolle

Anticipation of temporally structured events in the brain

Aly M
Baldassano C
Lee CS

Stress and imaging future selves: resolve in the hot/cool framework

Janet Metcalfe
William James Jacob

Children's and adults' views of punishment as a path to redemption

James Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz

Measures of relative metacognitive accuracy are confounded with task performance in tasks that permit guessing

Janet Metcalfe
Matti Vuorre

The MAPS model of self-regulation: Integrating metacognition, agency, and possible selves

Janet Metcalfe
Leslie D. Frazier
Bennet L. Schwartz


Supramodal executive control of attention: Evidence from unimodal and crossmodal dual conflict effects

Spagna, A.
Wu, T.
Kim, K.
Fan, J.

Moral Psychology as a Necessary Bridge Between Social Cognition and Law

James Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz

Children's and Adults' Views of Punishment as a Path to Redemption

James Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz

Brain dynamics underlying memory for lifetime experiences

Mariam Aly

Cholinergic modulation of hippocampally mediated attention and perception.

Aly M
Ruiz NA
Thieu MK

Enduring positivity: Children of incarcerated parents report more positive than negative emotions when thinking about close others

James P. Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz
Redeate Wolle

The Medial Temporal Lobe Is Critical For Spatial Relational Perception

Nicholas A. Ruiz
Michael R. Meager
Sachin Agarwal
Mariam Aly

Supramodal Mechanisms of the Cognitive Control Network in Uncertainty Processing

Spagna, A.
Wu, T.
Chen, C.
Schulz, K.P.
Hof, P. R.
Fan, J.

Preparation for Upcoming Attentional States in the Hippocampus and Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Mariam Aly
Eren Günseli

Children's and Adults' Understanding of Punishment and the Criminal Justice System

James Dunlea
Larisa Heiphetz

Dynamic Internal States Shape Memory Retrieval

Mariam Aly
Hannah Tarder-Stoll
Manasi Jayakumar
Eren Gunseli
Halle R. Dimsdale-Zucker


The functional anatomy of cognitive control: a domain-general brain network for uncertainty processing

Alfredo Spagna

Anterior insular cortex is a bottleneck of cognitive control.

A. Spagna
T. Wu
X. Wang
Q. Wu
J. Yang
C. Yuan
Y. Wu
Z. Gao
PR. Hof
J. Fan

Focusing On What Matters: Modulation of the Human Hippocampus by Relational Attention

Mariam Aly
Natalia I. Cordova
Nicholas B. Turk-Browne

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