Prof. Mariam Aly has started a group for post-docs and will serve as a "general purpose" advisor for post-docs across labs in the Psychology department. Post-docs can contact Prof. Aly with questions and concerns about their research, job searches inside and outside of academia, work-life balance, and any other issues that come to mind. Group meetings are organized periodically, but post-docs can always feel free to reach out to Prof. Aly by email.

Group meetings are informal and discussion-based, and the frequency and timing of the meetings is dependent on the availability and needs of the post-docs in the group. Meetings touch on topics such as the academic job hunt, academic job searches from the perspective of search committee members, and jobs outside of academia. Meeting topics are chosen based on the interest of the group, so any topic of mutual interest is a possibility.

We would also like to use group meetings for a chance to practice job talks and chalk talks, though Mariam will also make an effort to bring in additional faculty for these practice talks.