Major & Concentration Requirement Checklists

Please complete the relevant checklist below and discuss it with your Program Advisor (DUS) prior to registration. Show grades for all the courses you have completed and include all courses you plan to take to complete your major or concentration. These checklists can be used throughout your time in the department as a way to plan your coursework and get feedback from advisors. Completed forms can be sent to [email protected] for departmental review.


Prior to the start of their final semester, all seniors must submit a Major Requirement Checklist showing all major courses they have taken and those they plan to take.

The Psychology department evaluates each checklist to determine whether or not the course plan completes the major requirements and then notifies the student accordingly. If the student's course plan changes or if it does not satisfy the major requirements, a revised checklist must be submitted. Departmental approval of an accurate and up-to-date checklist will help ensure completion of all major requirements on time for graduation.

View a sample checklist here (these are not meant to be filled out, see below section for checklists to fill out): 

Psychology Major [sample checklist only, do not fill out]
Neuroscience & Behavior Major [sample checklist only, do not fill out]