Lab Preview Day - Handout

By joining a lab, you will see how research projects are conducted. Depending on the lab, you may also see how projects are developed, how data is analyzed, and how presentations are put together for conferences and publication. If you are involved in a lab for the long term, you may even contribute to a project that enables you to be a published researcher yourself.

September 04, 2019

Ways to be involved


There are three ways to get involved in a research lab:


1) Volunteer – Many students volunteer in research labs.  Some labs require that students volunteer for a period of time before becoming more “official” members of the lab.


2) Register for Supervised Individual Research  (PSYC 3950) – Many students register for supervised research.  You may register for up to 4 points of supervised research per term.  In general, you should figure that you will be working in a lab for approximately 3 hours per week per credit.  This is not set in stone and must be negotiated with the specific lab that you will be working in.  Different labs have slightly different requirements.  As part of your supervised research, you will be expected to do some independent academic work related to the lab work you are doing.  This may be a paper or an oral presentation, depending on the lab.


3) Work-study/Paid work – Sometimes labs will hire undergraduates as work-study students to work in their labs.  Occasionally non-work study positions are available for students with very special skills that are needed (e.g., programming).  This must be arranged with a particular lab on an individual basis.

To see all currently available lab positions and more information from the Lab Preview Day, check out the Lab Preview Handout here