Part-Time Adjunct Assistant Professor Position

The Department of Psychology at Columbia University invites applications for a part-time Associate/Adjunct Assistant professor position, beginning this fall. We are seeking educators with strong expertise in human neuroimaging to help design and lead the lab section of a new graduate-level course on human brain imaging with a focus on functional magnetic resonance imaging. The course will be led by Professors Lila Davachi and Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and will run during the Spring Semester (Jan. 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020) and include a 2.5-hour weekly lab session. The purpose of the labs is to complement the weekly lectures with more hands-on interactive instruction on the analysis of human brain imaging data. The Associate/Adjunct Assistant Professor will be responsible for instructing the labs and planning the content with the course organizers. Some of the labs will include interactive talks by guest speakers and/or course organizers to complement the teaching by the Associate/Adjunct Assistant Professor. Each lab should include an interactive component, where students perform analyses on human imaging data in class. Topics to cover in the labs include, but are not limited to: linear systems and convolution, Fourier transforms, Python and Matlab for neuroimaging, univariate brain mapping in AFNI/FSL/SPM, functional and effective connectivity analysis, and multivariate pattern information analysis. To get started in planning these labs, we seek an excellent educator with expertise in these areas to start in this position as soon as possible, ideally by November 15th

Minimum degree: PhD

Please submit CV and cover letter to: [email protected]

October 30, 2019