Dara Huggins

Dara Huggins

Research Interests

Current Research


Dara Huggins is a doctoral student working primarily with Dr. Valerie Purdie Greenaway (P.I., Laboratory of Intergroup Relations and the Social Mind) and secondarily with Dr. Geraldine Downey (P.I., Social Relations Lab; Director of the Center for Justice). She uses an intersectional approach to understanding intergroup processes, with a focus on means of equity.

Her primary program of research (and M.A. thesis) uses experimental methods to develop and test a novel theory of diversity and conflict that might begin to predict diversity and inclusion outcomes in academic and corporate spaces. Particular attention is paid to why some identity groups (e.g., White women) may be advantaged over others (e.g., Black or non-White, Latinx people) in diversity and inclusion pursuits.

Her other programs of research explore the intersection of psychology & law and the sociopolitical implications of race and gender.

Dara is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, a Columbia Dean’s Fellow, a Provost Diversity Fellow, and a Co-Chair of the Columbia Students of Color Alliance.