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Psychology Honors Presentations

May 3, 2017
4:10 PM - 5:10 PM
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Schermerhorn Hall 614

Please join us for the 2017 Psychology Honors Presentations, tomorrow May 3rd at 4:10 pm in Schermerhorn 614.

Zachary Heinemann, "I Think I Like You: A Perceptual and Behavioral Analysis of Friendship Formation”, advisors Patrick Bergeman and Sheena Iyengar

Paul Bloom, "Tip of the Tongue States, Curiosity, & Memory”, advisorJanet Metcalfe

Samantha Ting, "Shared Reality on Facebook”, advisor Tory Higgins

Gillian Carling, "Innate & learned features of cross-fostered finch song”, advisor Sarah Woolley

Luis Sanchez, "Salience-based Perception in Intertemporal Choice”, advisor Elke Weber

Elizabeth Blackwell, "The Imagined Presence of a Primary Caregiver: Learning Modulation Effects in Adulthood”, advisors Nim Tottenham and Bridget Callaghan

Irma Alineri, "Metacognition in Epilepsy: A Comparative Analysis Among Frontal, Occipital, and Temporal Lobe Epileptic Patients”, advisor Janet Metcalfe