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                                     CLASS OF 2022 SLIDESHOW

*This slideshow only contains slides of students who expressed interest in being featured on our website, it does not reflect the entire Psychology Department graduating class.


September 19, 2022

STAR Application Now Available

Dear Students,


The Fall 2022 STAR application is now available. Students with strong interests in psychological/neuroscientific research are encouraged to apply for admission to the Psychology Department's Psych/Neuro Senior Thesis Advanced Research in the fall of their junior year or the equivalent, such that they will be able to participate in the three consecutive semesters (spring - fall - spring) that are required in the program. 

Featured Videos

This short film, from an anthology created by Science Friday and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), follows women working at the forefront of their fields. This episode features new Assistant Professor Bianca Jones Marlin.
The Psychology PhD Podcast S01Ep01.


Cortical and Subcortical Contributions to State and Strength-Based Perceptual Judgments

Mariam Aly
Murielle Wansard
Fermin Segovia
Andrew P. Yonelinas
Christine Bastin

Damage to the Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Impairs Familiarity But Not Recollection

Mariam Aly
Andrew P. Yonelinas
Mark M. Kishiyama
Robert T. Knight

Multifocal VEP and ganglion cell damage: applications and limitations for the study of glaucoma.

Hood DC
Greenstein VC.

The essence of an immigrant identity: Children's pro-social responses to others based on perceived ability and desire to change.

James Dunlea
Larissa Heiphetz
Redeate Wolle